In the past 57 years, the generous donations from our Patrons has provided the funding for various needs and projects that are not part of the overall parish budget. The rectory, church, and school are extremely grateful for the over $175,000 that has been donated for projects such as:

  • Playground Equipment
  • School Classroom Clocks
  • Kitchen Range
  • Outdoor School Sign
  • Kitchen Freezer
  • School Computer Equipment
  • Altar Cloths
  • Choir Room Piano
  • Church Hymnals
  • Parish Office Equipment
  • Church Doors
  • Restroom Repairs
  • Stage Curtains
  • School Science Lab
  • Stage Lighting
  • Church & School Security System
  • Gathering Space Hospitality Area
  • Portable Audio System

In addition, almost $40,000 has been donated to support the Guaridan Angels Tuition Assistance program. This fund provides some much needed financial support to families who might not otherwise be able to have their child attend Guardian Angels school.