Intermission with Follies

In the beginning God created.

He saw His creation was good. And then… He rested.

So, too, Angel Follies has to rest this spring. In the wake of the ongoing Covid pandemic, we cannot gather together to sing, to dance or to celebrate.

Yet we still feel compelled to create.

Our ongoing intermission is our actual mission for 2021.

Follies always has been a place where all are welcome. That doesn’t change. In fact, with the help of Zoom and other technology, we’ve been able to include people in our Intermission who otherwise would have been unable to participate.

We offer you an Intermission with a purpose. We connect, however remote we have been. We celebrate, however difficult the year has been. We collaborate, however isolated we have been.

We offer five numbers -a mere fraction of a normal Follies show - but they are packed with meaning and emotion. We hope they will make you smile, sing along, dance, think and even inspire you to make a donation to support tuition assistance at Guardian Angels School.

Follies will be back soon. We’ve been patient. We will return. We will be together again.

We will make music and memories. We will share joy and jubilation.

Until then, enjoy our Intermission.

What is Follies?

Guardian Angels Follies is a Parish Service Organization that has been dedicated to raising funds for the Guardian Angels Parish and School for 57 years. Funds raised have helped bring to life projects such as the Science Lab, Parish Center, student scholarship fund, steeple lighting and many more. You can view a list of projects we helped fund here.

When is Follies?

Follies 2020 show dates are April 17th, April 18th, April 19th, April 24th, and April 25th.

Where is Follies?

Guardian Angels Follies performs at Guardian Angels Parish and School in Mt. Washington on Beechmont Ave.

The address is 6531 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230.


Great Fun

At Follies, we guarantee you will have an amazing, exciting, and fun experience.


Singing and Dancing

Like to sing? Like to dance? Now you can do it up on a stage with great people.



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